Specialized Treatments to Pamper your Pets

Grooming and spa treatments to leave your pet looking and feeling their best.


Refresh – $22+

Includes our Fresh Facial, Sports Pawdicure treatment, & Oral Hygiene

Renew – $32+

Deep Conditioning Wrap or Aromatherapy, Fresh Facial, Spa Pawdicure, & Oral Hygiene 

Rejuvenate – $44+

Deep Conditioning Wrap, Aromatherapy, Facial, Deluxe Pawdicure, & Oral Hygiene


Personalized to meet individual needs, essential plant oils soothe, promote healthy skin, and enhance emotional well-being. We use only the finest pure essential oils and blend these treatments in-house to ensure they are safe and effective for your dog.


Bulgarian Lavender & Roman Chamomile

Soothe – $8+

Bulgarian Lavender, Geranium, & German Chamomile

Wellness – $8+

Peppermint & Ginger

Deep Conditioning Wraps

Healthy, moisturized skin contributes to a healthy, shiny coat. Choose from three deep conditioning wrap options.

Hot Oil Wrap – $8+

Adds moisture, suppleness, and elasticity to the coat and skin

Mud Wrap – $8+

Detoxifies and removes oily build-up from the coat and skin

Sauna Wrap – $8+

Medicated treatment soothes and relieves itchiness and hot spots


Fresh Facial – $10

Vanilla & Blueberry or Oatmeal & Aloe

Effectively removes dirt and tear stains and is naturally exfoliating. For dogs with dark tear stains, a medicated tear stain remover is also applied; this treatment is especially beneficial for dogs with facial folds or tear stains, but is refreshing for any furry face!

Shed-less Treatment – Ask for Pricing

Special brushing system dramatically reduces shedding. Although shedding is greatly reduced, this process does not stop the natural shedding process and is not a one-time cure for shedding.

Oral Hygiene – $12

Something to smile about! Our oral hygiene spa treatment includes teeth brushing and minty breath freshener.

Nail Pawlish – $6

An application of pet-safe nail polish just for fun.

Sports Pawdicure – $21

Nails are trimmed, filed with a dremel to smooth rough edges and a nail conditioning balm is applied for nail suppleness and protection.

Spa Pawdicure – $23

A moisturizing paw pad massage is added to the sports service.

Deluxe Pawdicure – $25

A soothing paw soak and paw paraffin wrap is added to the spa service.

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