Professional and Experienced Grooming for all Breed Types

Grooming and spa treatments allow your precious pet to look and feel amazing!


Bath Package – $45+

Shampoo and Cream conditioning rinse

ear cleaning


Grooming Package – $65+

 Shampoo and Cream rinse, ear cleaning, nails, and facial

Grooming to breed standard, or to your liking

Glands available upon request

Mat removal and long hair additional charges may be incurred

A la Carte items listed below.

A la Carte

Fresh Facial – $10

Effectively removes dirt and tear stains and is naturally exfoliating. For dogs with dark tear stains, a medicated tear stain remover is also applied; this treatment is especially beneficial for dogs with facial folds or tear stains, but is refreshing for any furry face!

Shed-less Treatment – 55+

Special brushing system dramatically reduces shedding. Although shedding is greatly reduced, this process does not stop the natural shedding process and is not a one-time cure for shedding.

Pawdicure – $15-20

Nails are trimmed, filed with a dremel to smooth rough edges and a nail conditioning balm is applied for nail suppleness and protection.

Oral Hygiene – $12

Something to smile about! Our oral hygiene spa treatment includes teeth brushing and minty breath freshener.

Also Available upon request

Hairy feet trim

Ear plucking