Pet Lodging

A Clean and Comfortable Space

Offering climate-controlled surroundings, antibacterial pet-friendly floors, freshly laundered linens, full-spectrum lighting and more.


Luxury Suite
$65 per night

  • Fully enclosed
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Kuranda bed
  • Gourmet bedtime treat

Ranch Room
$45-$48 per night

Available in two spacious sizes.

  • Privacy wall
  • Live plants
  • Kuranda bed

Cat Condo
$22 per night

  • Two levels
  • Single-occupancy
  • Comfortable sleeping bed
  • Large litter box
  • Clear plexiglass door

Multiple Dog Discounts

If you plan to bring more then one dog in for a stay, we do offer a 35% discount on the Luxury Suite stays and a 25% discount on Ranch Rooms.


We have several room options available to ensure the comfort of our guests. Our ranch rooms offer a choice of two spacious sizes, with a unique design incorporating a privacy wall with live plants to enhance your dog’s boarding experience. All ranch rooms include Kuranda beds with thick, double-sided fleece pads. The Kuranda bed provides orthopedic comfort for dogs of all ages, highly recommended by veterinarians for dogs who suffer from hip problems, arthritis or aging.

**: Vaccinations are required to include: Rabies, DHLP, Bordatella, and Influenza


We’re dedicated to providing the ultimate in comfort, health, and safety for each of our feline guests and we have sought innovations in pet care to provide our guests the highest level of quality in pet boarding. We recognize the different needs of our feline guests and have specifically designed individual accommodations to make your cat’s stay as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

**Vaccinations are required to include: Rabies, FVRCP

Ranch Accommodations

We welcome dog owners to experience our 40 acre resort. Stay on-site in one of our luxury guest casitas, complete with a full kitchen and bathroom, bedroom with queen size bed, and separate living room.  You can rest and relax on the patio over looking our 3 acre pond that is stocked with fish for catch and release.